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Properties here in St. George endure substantial wear and tear. Even the best of soil can enjoy the benefits of professional landscaping services. Specializing in residential and commercial services,  St. George knows Ballpark Yard Care St. George for big league services.

Ballpark Yard Care St. George Maintains Southwest Utah's Greenest Lawns

Watering and mowing your lawn can only take you so far. At Ballpark Yard Care St. George, we pride ourselves on our ability to help homeowners and business owners get the most out of their property with complete lawn care services. We invite you to enhance your curb appeal with Ballpark Yard Care St. George Services. You will see an increase in your home’s value. 

Dethatch, Aerate, Reseed with Ballpark Yard Care St. George

It’s not uncommon to see areas of your grass die just above the soil. This is the area that is known as thatch. When thatch builds up, however, it keeps water and air from getting to your grass. That’s when you will start to see those unsightly brown patches crop up. Ballpark Yard Care St. George provides dethatching services that will keep your lawn looking its best.

Landscape Edging and Design, Irrigation, Commercial or Residential

A lush yard is something to behold and if there’s one thing landscaping teams everywhere will tell you, it’s that the effect is best achieved with an irrigation system. Ballpark Yard Care St. George has the expertise to design an irrigation system around your yard’s unique parameters with consideration for your lawn’s shape and size.  

Ballpark Yard Care ST. GEORGE

Washington County’s Trusted Lawn Care Professionals, Since 2016

At Ballpark Yard Care St. George, we provide big league services with complete lawn care all throughout southwest Utah. We do it by offering weekly maintenance plans and welcoming the opportunity to learn about your specific needs. We then look to earn your business by delivering flawless custom landscaping services that include everything from leaf blowing, aeration, dethatching, and reseeding to irrigation repairs, landscape edging, landscape design, and weekly maintenance plans. At Ballpark Yard Care St. George, we are committed to ensuring your yard is at its healthiest and greenest.

Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Services 

At Ballpark Yard Care St. George, we beautify your home through weekly maintenance, including lawn edging, lawn trimming, mowing, blowing, debris cleaning, weed control, trim shrubs, and more. 


With time, soil inevitably becomes compact. By aerating, Ballpark Yard Care St. George is able perforate the soil, allowing air, water, and nutrients to make their way into the roots of the grass. 

Irrigation Repairs 

Irrigation systems aren’t readily observable, which means they can go unnoticed, leading to unnecessary issues when incorrectly installed. Ballpark Yard Care St. George offers irrigation repair. 

Why Choose Us?

Our longtime customers here in the St. George community know that lawn care and more advanced forms of landscaping are more than just a monthly expense. Lawnscaping services are an investment. At Ballpark Yard Services St. George, we share that philosophy and we respond with big league landscaping services that will leave you feeling proud of your home and pleased with your investment. 

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  • Reseeding 
  • Irrigation Repair
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